© Philip Thompson July 2006
© Philip Thompson July 2006
My other hobby is amateur astronomy and it gave me great pleasure to add this project to my collection.
Most amateurs don't have the money for proper dome type observatories and so many humble garden sheds have been modified for the job. The idea is that all the telescope gear can be left set up and the roof rolled back to open up the sky for observing out of the wind and cold.
This model clearly shows the idea and included are a collection of telescopes and other astronomy gear.
Also, the project gave me a chance to practice making plants and such for the outside of the shed. I decided that the best way to show the project was to break it up into three picture galleries so please
click on the links below to have a look around.
Observatory gallery
Telescope and equipment gallery
Construction stages gallery
Enjoy the observatory now known as "Geppetto Towers"